Slumberbean= "Utatane mame-kun"

Artist Sam Hadley has been a freelance commercial illustrator since 1995, advertising and packaging,

publishing, a multi-functional designer who has active in a wide range of editing skills. Sam is a

versatile artist with styles ranging from photorealistic airbrushes to traditional paintings.

From his numerous works, Slumberbean is a "Dozing Bean" that will make you feel healed in a busy

modern life scene.

Slumberbean was born as a character loved by men and women of all ages.

The illustration is a "relief print" in retro style and was released as a limited edition Giclee print.

Slumberbean then sold out the limited edition 20 colour limited figure as a new development. It has

gained popularity as an art rather than a toy, and is extremely popular in Europe and America as

people of all ages character.